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 Classes on Wednesday 1 to 3  / Inquire about evening classes or Zoom classes or some Saturday classes

Please visit our assorted workshop tab for special events.

At Academy Art of the West

Students work on individual projects or choose tutorials that are supported and individualized by their instructor. We have seasonal learning themes based on the instructors discretion. We teach acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal, drawing, gouache, conte, plein air, and watercolor painting.  We also offer highly advanced seminars in all of these media.  At times we offer sculpture classes as well.  Please refer to our workshop page for advanced classes



1.  Beginning to Intermediate  classes ~ 1 - two hour class $40

2.  Monthly classes  $125   (* Monthly classes guarantee "3" two hour classes per month, however MANY months may have bonus classes of 4 or even 5 classes!  Such a good deal!)  While we may have some supplies on hand, students are expected to provide their own supplies.  MOST OFTEN ACTUALLY 4 CLASSES MONTHLY!

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Refunds for medical emergencies only

Please visit our assorted workshop tabs above for special event.

  $40 1 CLASS                    1 Month $125                      Anouncement         Critique $50  

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